OCPPG 2017

This year’s Oregon Coast Pan-Pagan Gathering is gradually coming together! We’re planning 3 tracks, two of classes/workshops at the shop and one of “away” activities. If we have enough teachers we might be able to fit a 4th track in in the meditation garden/sunroom at In Dreams for part of the weekend.

The event’s opening ritual will be at Ancient Light at 10am on Friday. There will be an event altar set up in the sitting space at Ancient Light that will be our conversation/networking area. We’re hoping for a ritual on the beach Saturday evening (weather permitting so bring warm stuff) and then Midnight Questions at the shop. The drawing will be held at 6pm on Sunday and then be followed by the closing ritual.

On Friday night there is intended to be a soup and bread supper at Ancient Light, since people tend to wander in at all hours. For Saturday evening we’re planning a meal out together at a local restaurant. Otherwise foods are up to you, but there is a microwave and a toaster oven available at the shop during mealtimes and some small amount of space in the fridge. We should have some drinkables available for a small donation. There are lovely restaurants all over town, as well, and with any luck both updated “places to eat” and “places to stay” pages will appear before too long.

We’re intending to have a space open to do readings, although folks will have to take turns.

Overall, the event is free to attend. Many classes also have no charge, but may have a donation can and suggested amount or possibly a small fee for materials or to pay for the instructors gasoline. Please be as generous as your budget allows! Many other events of this sort have charges in the $100’s of dollars.

More pages of classes,  instructor bios, promo products and other information may be found in the menu bar above!

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