OCPPG 2017 Rituals

Friday 10/13, 10am – Opening Ritual at Ancient Light and consecration of event altar. This is just a simple ritual to get things underway.

Event altar will be set up from 10am Friday through closing ritual on Sunday. Please light candles for yourself and do not meddle with those of others. If you see no burning candles on the altar, please grab another and light it.

We’re planning for a ritual on the beach Saturday evening. It’s likely to be windy, damp and chill, although not raining, so dress appropriately. Even if you wear a lighter jacket or sweater, wear gloves and a hat!

The Closing Ritual will be held Sunday evening following the raffle drawing that is held at 6pm.

If you have ideas for a rituals for next year, please contact Anja at anjasnihova@yahoo.com .Page Created 1/2/17 and published 7/19/17 (C)M. Bartlett
Last updated 10/12/17