Elements Classes that have been held through 2017

This is just a bare list of what classes have been done at various times. It’s for ideas, to teach or to request that a class be given.

Elemental Magicks
Air Magic
Amulet Magicks
Animal Magicks
Candle Magicks
Chakra Magicks
Crystal Healing
Crystals Magicks
Earth Magicks
Faery Magicks
Fire Magicks
Grounding and Centering
Herb Magicks
Image & Wax Magicks
Knot Magicks
Magnet Magicks
Metal Magicks
Moon Magicks
Name Magicks
Poppet Magicks
Practical Scrying, Mirror Magick Workshop
Rain, Fog, Storm, & Wind Magicks
Ritual Tools
Sea Magicks
Sigil Magic
Snow & Ice Magicks
Star & Night Magicks
Stone Magicks (Geomancy)
Sun Magicks
Take a Walk on the Faery Side
Tree Magicks
Tree Speaking
Water Elementals as Friends
Water Magicks
Weather Magics
Wishing well Magicks

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Late update 4/3/18