OCPPG 2018 Teacher Info

The following is this year’s “teacher letter”, for those who are wondering what info we need. It’s the same format that we’ve been using for years….same example, too. 🙂 Just copy and paste into a file and then erase as you fill in your own information, then e-mail to Anja at anjasnihova@yahoo.com

The information requested below is needed very early because of the very small staff that we have. Yes, changes will happen before the event. Teachers drop out. Work schedules change. The more of this we have early on, the better the event will run and the less I’ll be tearing my hair out, the way I did this past year.

This is my ideal schedule for this.

  • I would like to hear ideas through 6/1 and get the information below as close to that date as possible.
  • I will be sending back any suggestions and questions back within a week of you sending your information to me and would like fixes back by 7/1.
  • by 8/1 I should have a full set of class info up and be setting up a schedule.
  • by 9/1 The schedule will be posted. If we have the staff to do pre-reg, this is when it will happen.
  • …and then through the date of the event things sometimes shift and change as we have to juggle work schedules and all!
  • I will want all paperwork back either at the end of the event or by 11/1.

page bar dividerAll of this info can be e-mailed to Anja, anjasnihova@yahoo.com This info is needed by 6/1 if possible…..

First, A 3-5 sentence bio. Who are you? What is your path or specialty? How long have you been doing this, or something along those lines. Please gear this to what you’re teaching! I know some of you have 3 page bios. But we only need 3-5 sentences….

Then for *each* class/talk/ritual/get-together…

  • What do you want to call what you’re doing? (Note: a snappy title will bring more people in!)
  • Minimum/Maximum number of people
  • Youngest aged person accepted in the class.
  • How long? (We schedule in 1 hour blocks, which means about 45 minutes of teaching time…. any multiple of this is fine….although I may go insane if someone wants an 8-hour class!)
  • Preferred time during the event. I can’t promise, but the sooner I have the info, the more likely….
  • Cost (if any) or say “By donation” (minimum donation requested of students is $1)
  • Space required (indoor? Outdoor? 3’x6’ flat spot?)
  • Equipment requirements (and will you bring your own? We don’t have a lot!)

Within a few days of getting your e-mail we’ll be sending you back “copy” to “vet”. I need to get corrections or “fixes” back by (July 1, tentatively) so that we can get the final draft of the handbook together for the event.

We’re planning to have a packet for you well before the event, with a “money” form to fill out and a FAQ.

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If you’re confused because you haven’t been asked for something like this before, here’s a sample, the info that I wrote for one of my classes (that is severely out of date, by this point….)

First, A 3-5 sentence bio.  – Anja is High Priestess of Rose of the Sea in Waldport, Oregon. Sea witch by calling, Slavic Shaman by family tradition, and both Wicca and a Feri Initiate by training, she has a small shop there on the coast, where she does most of her teaching and counseling work. She may be contacted through her website, www.ancientlight.info

Then for each class/talk/ritual/get-together

  • What do you want to call what you’re doing? – The Burning Times, the song by Charlie Murphy – Fact, Fiction or Myth?
  • Minimum/Maximum number of people – Anything up to lecture hall (I could say 3-10, but I’m not)
  • Youngest age – Anyone under about 10 is going to be bored out of their skull…..
  • How long? –         1 ½ hours
  • Cost (if any) or say “By donation”  – $1 donation
  • Space required (indoor? Outdoor? 3’x6’ flat spot?)  – No special requirements, indoor preferred, depends on the number of people
  • Equipment requirements  – I’ll bring my boombox and a long extension cord. I’ll need a place to plug in or tell me and I’ll get batteries.
  • Description of what your class will be about.  – Charlie Murphy’s rendition of the song The Burning Times is a pagan classic. It has been covered by many other artists over the nearly 3 decades since it was written. But is it truth or fiction? We’ll listen to several different renditions of the song, discuss the lyrics and delve into the historical reality (or lack thereof!) or the “story”, then go into a little of why the song has become such a part of the pagan movement and it’s particular importance.


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