OCPPG 2019 Parking

Parking is an issue every single time we have this event!

  • Luckily, the salon is closed, both days, so there are 5 spaces to the south of Ancient Light.
  • At the moment, only the barber shop is open to the north of us, although if the Tearoom (where Taco Loco was) is open in time, they’re going to need those spaces.
  • The Chocolate Frog has closed 😦 (They moved to Nelscott, Lincoln City) so those spaces on the north of the block may be open.
  • As always the spaces on the next street east of us (Verbena) are generally open, but please don’t block Zensations or the apartment parking.
  • If it really gets crazy, the spaces in the Hi-School Pharmacy parking lot, catty-corner to us, on the highway side are usually available and there’s always the Bridge Interpretive Center lot. (turn west, toward the water, at the stoplight. Drive one block, until you can’t go any farther and turn right.)
  • On Sunday the Phone Co parking can be used.

If you can’t find a space, get someone to run in and ask whoever is at the counter where to try, next.

Page Created published on 9/28/19
Last Update 9/28/19