Oregon Coast Pan-Pagan Gathering 2013

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This page is now for archive use only!

For those who are checking this page for announcements… there are pages, lots of them, for 2014.

The “post-mortem” staff meeting was held on November 24. Final reports were presented at the staff meeting.

Comments are direly needed and greatly appreciated! Send them to ancientlight@peak.org

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Raffle Results

Chopper Grinder – Leslie
Café Press logo tote bag – Leslie
Café Press logo Journal– Marius
Table – Ancient Light
Incense Basket – Holly
Paul Rucker Print, Sybil – Steve
Wand – Diana
Blue Sandwich Set – Holly
Metamorphosis Reading – Holly
Red Sandwich Set – Debbie (gave it to Kitty)
Glass Box – Debbie
Candle Basket – Debbie
Candy Bag – went to Debbie who gifted it with Sandwich sets to the young folks who helped with the event.

Thanks to all who bought tickets and even more thanks to those who donated the items in the raffle! You can claim your gifts at Ancient Light, or make arrangements through Anja, any which way (facebook, e-mail, website, here……)

page bar dividerSome snippets gleaned from the various updates over the weekend…. not edited …..


From Lupa

So on the way out to the Pan-Pagan Gathering yesterday, we 1) successfully managed to get through a really awful downpour, 2) stopped some moron who was driving down the road with his engine on fire and putting out enough of a smoke screen to obstruct the road AND possibly cause and accident, and 3) saw a coyote race across the road while neatly avoiding traffic, bound gracefully up the embankment, and then not so gracefully trip and face-plant into the underbrush before getting up and running off in utter embarrassment.


Yesterday was all frazzle, frazzle, frazzle….. as always on the day before an event, things went sideways. My printer decided to fry…. or rather the power supply did, so Tempus fixed it. (I don’t want to think about what I’d do without him, on *that* level, too!) I didn’t get the box of calendars until past 8pm. Stuff wasn’t getting moved until late in the afternoon…. but that’s just gripes…. we’re *mostly* ready, and with any luck we’ll be done in time.

We did lose a teacher. Rozaylia is 8 months pregnant and spent all day yesterday in labor and delivery….6 weeks before her due date…. so they want her to stay home. I’ve been worrying that 3 of them would come to the event and 4 go home, anyway….. So her classes won’t be happening. Brandon’s taking over to organize the potluck and there will be sign-up sheets in the kitchen at Laura’s Studio….mostly so we don’t end with with 16 pies, 24 main dishes and nothing else…..:-) …and you can take things to the kitchen there to be refrigerated.

Also, at the moment, I’m not certain who is the shuttle driver! So, check in at the event, or watch here for an update…just like the other updates yesterday. Did you see that the Event page acquired some more info, Tripchek links?

Debbie’s Tupperware is all set up at the shop. It’s a book party, benefiting the shop, with cataglogues but some stuff for sale…. citrus peelers!!!! ….and will be going all weekend. She not only is one of the event sponsors, but she donated several Tupperware things to the raffle, one of which is an awesome chopper! You gotta see it!

Speaking of Raffle…. tickets are printed. They’re $1 each, so buy the tickets from the counter and fill ‘em out to put into the can on the raffle table . You can opt to *not* take a prize if it’s something you can’t use, but help us out by writing that info on the back of the ticket. Yesterday, along with Debbie’s Tupperware, a lovely glass box was added, plus a table (with the coolest drawer handle!) from Hunt + Gather. Please help support the event by buying tickets and maybe get something cool for yourself!

The Raffle is set up and tickets printed, the China Restaurant Friday Supper is all printed, sign-ups are printed and I think I’m finished with my class hand-outs…. I hope… at least for today!

The shop will be open at 8am for registration and the opening ritual is at 10am. People started arriving yesterday, so here we go!

Friday early-ish

The opening ritual has happened. Folks are signed up for classes and more coming in.

We lost Rozalia and Karen. Rozalia was in labor and delivery all day yesterday, so think goo thoughts her way (she has 6 weeks to go….) Karen’s got a family issue.

Friday 7pm-ish

We are having a *fun* day! Classes are done for the day and most of the groups is having supper at the China Restaurant. Some of us have been talking at the shop. I’m waiting my turn for a yummy supper. :-)


I had more fun yesterday! The weather was drippy, but not cold until well into evening, and not windy. Nor did we get the drownpours that folks told me about from the valley!

My classes went well, except that I kept leaving stuff behind in all the wrong places. My jacket is still at Laura’s Studio, but that’s ok, since my first class is there this morning! I’m just going to be cold…. Holly’s soap class was well-attended and Tempus’ Geomancy.

motif insect netwingExcept for starting and running late, the evening was also fun. Supper ran until 8 and then another batch of us were over there until 9pm, but the Sumble was going by then and that ran until nearly 11pm! We had 24 at the supper. Here’s hoping things will run as well today.

motif insect moth grey pinkWe are under some weather conditions, already. The waves are up, rolling in pretty high… This is last night’s alert. http://www.wunderground.com/US/OR/002.html#WND We’re *probably* going to make some class changes. Meditation on the Beach, for example, is *still* *scheduled*, but we’ll be going to a different place and doing a more active meditation, rather than sitting quietly…and expect to get wet and chilled! Dress for it and then take advantage of the hot drinks at Ancient Light!


It’s 58F, really dim and grey and there was just rumble of thunder! The wind is running along steadily at 18mph, which means that the trees are thrashing. There is a high wind warning in effect and the high surf advisory. IOW it’s a typical Oregon winter storm day…. but it’s only September! Right at the moment it is raining hard enough that you can hear it pounding on the roof. Here’s the link for advisories. http://www.wunderground.com/US/OR/002.html#WAT

catanimYesterday it rained.. well, it poured…. it blew…. the power went out and the event went on. I love pagans! The power goes out, so they light candles… :-) ….don’t even bat an eye.

Except for a couple of teachers who vanished with no warning and couple of classes that got messed with because of phone calls or venue problems, and that the lighthouse shut down because of the weather, things were great! We did have people bailing and heading home because of the messy weather, but a lot stayed and have been having a great time. It passed in a bit of a blur for me, but by the time we were sitting around the event altar talking during Midnight Questions I was just as happy as can be with the way the event has been going. I think we quit around 1:30am….

At 2:30am, Tempus got a phone call from his boss from the newspaper. The presses were down! (wow…..) He’s going to be doing the Sunday paper setup in the shop around 8am, instead of at 3am. Classes will start at 9, as scheduled,


Yesterday the weather looked even more “interesting” than on Saturday, but the lights stayed on, classes and activities happened, even when folks came in soaked, it was with big grins. Carl got some good footage of one of the discussions, a bunch of us got to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the coast, and the warmth of friends old and new, ideas happened *all* over and we did it!

Yes, the raffle was held. The item that everyone seemed to want the most was the Silas wand. We got a lot of giggles over the repeats of names. I’ll get that list and the financial counts in better order today and post once I have them.

Several discussions were held about how to re-work the structure of the Gathering to get some of the kinks that are occurring as we grow worked out. I’m amazed, sometimes, at the depth of the knowledge in the pagan community….and it’s so freely shared!

Many, many thanks go to the people who made this whole thing possible! All of the Rose of the Sea, of course, for organizing this and doing most of the prep work. Cat and Mr. Champagne who paid the deposit for Laura’s Studio, Debbie, who is our Tupperware sponsor, who also set up the display at the shop and the accompanying Tupperware party, 🙂 donated things to the raffle, gifted a number of the young folks who helped with lunch sets and did *so* many more wonderful things for people all weekend long, and her husband, Steve, who was the other half of all that. Laura’s Studio by the Bay for the use of the marvelous space for classes, potluck and all, and a marvelous view, plus she ended up putting up 8 people because of the storm! Jeanne, of In Dreams, since she taught, taking on at least one class where we had a teacher vanish, and did it with *no* preparation, and her marvelous meditation garden and the use of the adjacent sunroom. We couldn’t make as much use of the space as we would have liked because of the weather, but a number of people went there, anyway. We had several vendors who set up displays: Grace with her beautiful knotwork designs that we carry at Ancient Light, Junay (I don’t think I spelled that right….) who brought her candles and lotions and soaps (and we’re probably going to start selling some of her products, too, yummy!) and Debbie. Then there were all of the young people who helped in various ways all weekend, running errands, manning the counter, putting together donation cans and running the printer, driving folks back and forth, making phone calls and keeping track of various projects that were going on. The first name on the list was David, because he was helping all this week and last, with some of the final bits and pieces and managed to figure out the shop cash register mostly on his own. Brandon and Nick, who drove down from northern Washington for the event, also helped with just turning a hand to anything that needed to be done, especially dealing with the potluck that was totally thrown off by the power outage, but happened anyway and Kitty and Red who were the ones who finished the donation cans and then just helped in various ways all weekend. Then there are all the folks who led discussions, taught and/or took people out into the storm to enjoy all the wonderful places we have out here! Some were at the event just for a class or workshop or three and headed back home, some stuck out the whole event, but you have to appreciate the amount of time and dedication it takes to do the prep work on something like this, to drive out, set up, teach and then head home. The rituals were done by Hawk’s Hearth Kindred and Rose of the Sea and went well, from the simple to the large. (…and Tempus birthday cake was yum….. 🙂 ) …and there are all the folks who came for the workshops and classes and such, all the folks who sat and talked and asked questions and discussed things, who helped critique the event, who did all the things that no one may have noticed but made this thing go, despite all the obstacles. All of you deserve thanks even those whose aid was a smile and patience! …and believe me. some of the event took a lot of patience… 🙂 There was the anonymous person who put a $100 bill in the shuttle gas donation can, whoever it was who mopped up the counter in the classroom after the coffee spill, whoever it was that grabbed the broom and got the tracked-in grass back out the door of the Studio, and so on and so on. …and I know I missed someone because I’m running from memory here….which is still glitching. 🙂

I also want to add a personal thank you to every single person who smiled at me, all weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many smiles! I treasure each and every one.

Everywhere I looked all weekend there were bright smiles and intense discussions, learning and connecting. That’s what this is about, and in that sense this event was a *grand* success! On a physical level, clean-up is most of the way. One a financial level, at this point, I know we broke even and we should have enough for a deposit for a space for next year, since we probably won’t be able to use the studio. We dun good, folks!

There are always a few folks who go home disgruntled, if not angry, after an event of this sort. I hope that those who did…yes, there were some…. will be able to put their upset into words to give us a chance to fix the problems that they encountered. …and that the folks with allergies and sick tummies and confusion issues all get sorted out quickly. We put the last of the event’s energies into those purposes.

Please write out comments and suggestions and send them to the shop e-mail: ancientlight@peak.org or put them onto the Facebook Oregon Coast Pan-Pagan Gathering group page. Everything that comes through in those venue will go into the event notebook that we’re putting together. Please don’t depend on my remembering what you told me! I *might*, but with the sheer volume of information, suggestions and corrections that I have to remember, I know things will slip. It’s important enough to me that you took the time to think something, much less say it to me that I *don’t* want to lose this input!

Late weather news! Although they *always* exaggerate these things, a special weather advisory just came through. Plan for rain! Dress accordingly! …and now wind. If you were planning on camping, come find Anja. We may have a place for you to stay. http://www.wunderground.com/US/OR/002.html#WND

Local Traffic reports here for Newport and South, Eugene: http://www.tripcheck.com/Pages/RCMap.asp?curRegion=4

From the north, Portland and Salem here: http://www.tripcheck.com/Pages/RCMap.asp?curRegion=1

Since so many smart-phone-only people were having trouble accessing the handbook, I just posted the *whole* schedule in the clear here:https://ancientlightshop.wordpress.com/calendar/ It will go away as quickly as I can clear it during the event because that link is the main shop calendar.

logo 2013 lg OCPPG

Printable handbooks, here! Ok, we have a printable *color* copy of the handbook. Black and white, ain’t happ’nin’.
Click this one if you use Word Online version Handbook Final

Click this one for PDF format Online version Handbook Final
Do you  need a bigger font size for online reading? Let me know!

Final plea to print the poster below and post around!
Final plea to buy our promo stuff (listed below) and use it proudly!

We’ve got the rest of the stuff to finish making our potluck contributions! (pulled pork for sandwiches with a couple of kinds of sauce and two stuffed baked pumpkins). What are you making?

Since the grocery across the street closed down, we picked up some cans of soda and bottles of juice for folks to grab from the ice chests at the shop. Please put the requested donation in the can so we don’t have to take it out of event funds!

The stuffed pumpkins are also a kid activity, late Saturday morning. Speaking of which, Leslie’s list for the weekend is: friendship bracelet making, paints and fabric makers to use on cloth bags, make a candle holder out of jars, clay so we can make things with that, color pages, cross stitching stuff for those that can do it, and we have shop stuff like bead stringing, perler beads and cut and paste crafts, and she’s working on a lesson on Halloween traditions and stories. Kids under 12 cannot be unaccompanied, and all of them need to carry a waiver form.

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This seems to be a working map! https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zI3RyIGE8HCA.k_-q_mLvF8BI

Print yourself a copy, although there will be some at Ancient Light and at the other venues.

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General Info

Handbook is published here, above. Please cut down on our event costs by making your own copy. (still working on a printable copy, right now it’s 34 pages….)

Registration & Sign-up, may *only* be done in person at Ancient Light from 9/20 through the event. (Not enough staff for e-registration, maybe next year?)

The Event has no fee. Ads, purchase of fund-raiser goodies and the raffle pay for the event costs. Individual workshops/rituals/classes/activities, may be free, suggested donation, or have a materials cost. (The most expensive is $10.)

To keep costs down, please bring your own chair, if you have one, and your own mug for liquids. …and please label both!

In general, you should dress for the weather as some activities will be outside. Bring note-taking materials and business cards (if you use them) both for classes and socializing. A potluck contribution that has 10 servings for Saturday night would be appreciated. Also, cameras are great, but…. please *ask* before taking a picture and respect that buttons that say, “No pictures, please!”

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Raffle! $1

We are doing a raffle again this year. Everything from quite large to very small! Fundraiser for OCPPG!

Paul Rucker print, Sybil #1
Silas wand
Sabbat incense gift basket
Candle gift basket
Metamorphosis Tarot reading
(in person or over the phone)
Hunt/Gather Item
$10 bag of candy from Aunt Belinda’s.
Tupperware ™ Chop ‘n Prep (value $45)
Two Tupperware™ lunch sets –
sandwich keeper w/a tumbler, snack cup and midget (values at $24)
An event logo blank book ($11.50 value)
An event logo tote bag ($16 value) 

Tickets are $1 each. Ask at the counter at Ancient Light and pay there for however many you want, fill them in and put them in the Raffle Can in the display.

Tickets and display will be up at Ancient Light by 9/20. Drawing will be 9/29 at 6pm. Do not need to be present to win. Stuff cannot be shipped, you have to make arrangements to get it picked up.

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I kinda hate to call y’all that, but “folks-who-are-displaying-stuff-for-sale” is too long!

We have at least 4. All the stuff is going to be out in the regular display spaces and I’m asking each of you to post when you’re likely to be around and to bring business cards, etc.

I don’t charge folks who set up their displays during OCPPG or our  monthly Psychic Fairs, but I ask ’em to kick me back something if business is good, instead.

I have tables. If the weather is good and you want to set up outside, so’s to have more room, please do, but no one from the staff will be able to watch your stuff, so you’ll have to bring it back inside when you need to go elsewhere.

If a vendor is not with their stuff, please bring purchases to the counter and ask one of the Ancient Light stuff to check it out for you.

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Yes, we have maps!!!!!

Ancient Light, Waldport, Oregon shows on Google Maps https://maps.google.com/

Laura’s Studio, North Bayview Road, Waldport, OR, likewise….

I think this will get you to the right Google map….. https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zI3RyIGE8HCA.k_-q_mLvF8BI

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 2013 Final Poster Poster September

Last update 10/1/14

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  1. Mary Moore says:

    Woo-hoo! I sold an ad! write to me at the address you want me to tell you about it.

  2. Kelly McDowell says:

    My name is Kelly and I just moved to Waldport from southern Idaho to work on my first novel and escape narrow-minded people. I’m a retired navy man and a teacher by profession and it was wonderful to discover this site. I’d love to help out in anyway I can. Let me know!

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