OCPPG 2014 Classes and Activities by Time

OCPPG Logo 2014 thumbThis list is by Date & Time. There will be a PDF of a schedule in the not-too-distant, at worst, one will be provided at the event.


10:00 AM Opening Ritual Rose of the Sea

11-1:00 PM – Sweeping Meditation – Anja – Sweeping is part of the traditional, old-style Wiccan practice of purification at the beginning of rituals. There are chants that go along with it and can be added to personal practice or just house cleaning.

2-4:00 PM – Crystal Healing Basics – Debbie – Suggested donation $1 – What is crystal healing, various methods, most common stones (how to choose, care for, use)

1-5pm – 18 and over, any number – Ritual Wines, Beers and Meads – Tempus (more info coming)

4:00 PM – No limit – What is Wicca? Anja – Suggested donation $1 – A lot of folks call themselves, “Wiccan” because they think it’s the only name for an earth-based, poly-theist (or at least a non-x-tian) path. Come hear about what defines Wicca.

8:00 PM – ages 18 and up – Exploring Our Past Lives – Catt – Join three guided meditations that will lead you to uncover past life experiences. Discover a past life experience.  Explore an important relationship.  Reclaim a missing piece of your spirit. Bring a journal or notebook and pen and a willingness to share your experiences.  Private regression sessions outside of class available by appointment for $35 each.

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9-11:00 AM, no limit – Meditation and Homely Tasks – Anja – Suggested donation $1 – So many of us think that only the dive-into-your-belly-button style is all there is to meditation. The more experienced are used to quiet meditations, but what about the times when you can let your mind flap? Learn about how to meditate and put good energy into the most homely tasks, from doing the dishes to cutting the lawn!

9-11:00 AM, no limit – No age restriction but guardians must monitor children to keep distractions to a minimum. – Designing Your Future With Awareness and Intention – Cliona – Suggested donation $1 – Join Gail for a revealing look at who you are, what you are doing and where you are heading so you can leave empowered to create the future of your choosing.

11:00 AM-1pm – 18 and up, no limit – Performing Legal Handfastings – Anja – Suggested donation $1 – I get asked all the time, so here’s your chance to hear about what it’s like from someone who has done plenty! What are the legal bits and how do they differ from state to state? Is there a specific wording? How do you file the paperwork? How do you prove that you’re legally qualified to do the ceremony? What’s pre-nuptial counseling and why would I care? I’ll also talk about the basics of a standard Wiccan Handfasting and how that differs from other Pagan Ceremonies and how to do everything from the “Grandma’s a Fundamentalist” to a full-on pagan ceremony and how to deal with the whole spectrum.

11:00 AM-1pm, no number or age limit (within reason). Energetic children might find this class unsuitable to attend. – Handspinning Magick – Rowan – Suggested donation $1 – Rowan Spiritwalker teaches the practical aspects of handspinning, from the wool preparation to thread, and the meditational, spiritual energy generated and how it transfers into the spun thread.

11:00 AM – Touching the Rainbow Bridge – A ritual for the loss of a pet – Carl – Free – This ritual is not only a chance to heal from the loss of a beloved animal but also a chance to reach out to a pet who has crossed the veil. Open your heart at this time when it is easier to reach across and reminded your friend that you have not forgotten the joy you shared. This is a non-path specific ritual that is open to anyone who has loved an animal. This can be an emotional ritual but is open to any who can channel grief into their craft.

2:00-3PM – 1-30 people – Ground and centering – Marius – Suggested donation $1 – This class is about the basics of grounding and centering. it’s designed to give the students something to begin working with and aid the formation of grounding techniques.

2:00 PM – Acceptable for all ages – Incense Making 101 – Carl  – Stop by for some magickal crafting as we create incense from natural woods, gums, and other of Earth’s gifts. It’s fun and easy for the whole family. All crafting tools and ingredients are provided. Although normally a $20-$30 class, this one is being offered for donations only (books and kits will also be available for purchase).

2-4:00 PM, any age, 1-25 people – Making Stuffed Pumpkins – Geurin – Suggested donation $1 – Yummy Pumpkins – a kid friendly culinary harvest delight. Not a baby-sitting thing, a real activity that works for even toddlers. Parental presence required for under-12’s, permission slip for 12 and ups. No permission slips required for adults. 🙂 Recipe and hands-on. Age-appropriate tools. Kids who grab may be asked to leave class for safety because we will be using an oven and some sharp knives.

2-3:00 PM, 1-6 people – Meda-Peda – Debbie – A meditation on the beach (facilitated by Anja) following an energetic breathing and grounding activity (facilitated by Debbie) that includes creative moves to smooth out the rough spots on the feet!

3-5:00 PM, any number – Group Meditation on the Beach – Anja (follows from Meda-Peda) – Anja – It’s been asked for. Last year we nearly flew away. Let’s hope for calmer weather this year!

3-6:00 PM – age 14 and up, 3-15 people – Introduction to Astrology: 101 Reading your own chart – Catt – $20 or donation – Learn to understand the signs, houses, and planets in your own chart and others.  This introductory course works with the student’s birth chart.  Pre-register and send your birth data to cattfoy@gmail.com, OR bring your own printed chart, OR bring your birth data to instructor at least 3 hours before class time ($5 additional fee).  (Birth data required:  date, time and place of birth.) Students can obtain a printed copy of their birth charts at http://www.astro.com.

4-6:00 PM, any age, 1-25 people – Cookie Baking Meditation – Geurin – Suggested donation $1 – Medi-bake! Using cookies as a form of meditation. Really? Yes! We’ll make cookies for the potluck and learn how to meditate while doing so.

8:00 PM Esbat on the beach Rose of the Sea

10:00 PM – no limit – Midnight Questions – Anja – Suggested donation $1 – This is  a crowd-directed discussion. We’ll put a can on the altar for questions that you’d like to hear folks kick around or to discuss yourself. It’s intended for a free-form bit for those folks who tend to stay up, anyway! We’ll bring a little wine to share.

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9-11:00 AM – Astrology, Totem Poles and the Story of you – Dawnell – Using Astrology (western, Native American, Celtic, Burmese and Chinese) to create a totem pole and using the personality characteristic that you most closely relate to, to tell a story about that you never realized about yourself. Using your birth date (Month, Day, Year) Day of the week, Time and Where you were born, we look at 5 different cultures astrology. Western (Sun, Moon, and Raising), the one we are most familiar with, uses the month you born, in a 12 month cycle for the Sun cycle; time and place for raising; and day and Month for Moon. Native American (Animal {Sun}, Moon) uses the month you were born, in a 12 month cycle. Celtic (Animal {Sun}, Moon) uses the month you were born, in a 13 month cycle. Burmese (Animal) uses the day of the week you were born, in an 8 day of the week cycle. Chinese (Animal) uses the year you were born, in 12 year cycle.

9-11:00 AM, 1-12 people, no age limit – Ritual Soap Meditation workshop – Anja – $4 for materials – You can make ritual soaps that are empowered with your intent, for purification or for spellwork. Believe it or not, this is *easier* than candle magick, and more fun!

9:00 AM-1pm – No age limit, minors must be accompanied by adults. – Thor’s Well trip – Marius – Suggested donation $1 – We’re going to Cape Perpetua in search of Thor’s well. Rain or shine we’re going, so long as the tide is low enough. (Low at 8:56 AM) The trip could last for several hours. I can take three people in my car, so the more people who go who have cars the more people who can go. Wear clothing appropriate to the weather and stout footwear. Bring a change of clothing!

11:00 AM – 1pm – 1-30 people – Chant Workshop – Rozaylia – Suggested donation $1 -Chants from the Reclaiming Tradition. Spend time learning chants to accompany rituals, share and raise energy, celebrate Sabbats and to just make a joyful noise! Workshop includes handouts and links to YouTube videos for continued learning.

11:00 AM-1pm – no limit – Stonehenge – Anja – Suggested donation $1 – Stonehenge is a name we all know. It’s a holy place, but did you know there are others and older? Or that Stonehenge was part of a ritual landscape that is gradually being re-discovered?

2-4:00 PM – Chakra Basics – Debbie – Suggested donation $1 – What is a chakra, how they relate to crystal healing, correspondences related to the main 7 chakras

2-4:00 PM – no limit – What is the Feri tradition? – Rozaylia and Anja – Suggested donation $1- Just what the title says… This is not Celtic Fairy, nor Tinkerbell, but a tradition coming from the lore of the Fae Folk.

2:00 PM – 14 and up – Psycards 101: Set your Psyche Free! – Catt – $10 – Psycards are a 40-card oracle deck based on the ideas of archetypes as formulated by Carl G. Jung. Used for divination, self-exploration, relationships, and to stimulate creativity. Psycards systems (book and deck combo) available for purchase at $35 for workshop attendees. Purchase is recommended but not required.

2-6:00 PM, no limit – Labyrinths – Linda and Larry – Suggested donation $1 – Labyrinths are ancient. They have been used for spiritual purposes long before recorded history. They’re also fun, especially on the beach. We’ll talk about some history, some purposes, our visions of labyrinths and (health and weather permitting) do a practicum.  (NB – Due to health problems this class might cancel even at the last second, in which case it will be replaced with a Mandala workshop.

4-6:00 PM – no limit – the Roman Religion and Household Practices – Marius – Suggested donation $1 – In this discussion we will go beyond the Gods and Goddess and focus on the daily practices of the Roman people. All are welcomed!

3-6:00 PM, 1-6 people, 6 and up (minors must be accompanied) – Magickal embroidery – Anja – $4 for materials – Come see some examples of the ancient form of knot magick and learn how they are done! We will cover: What makes embroidery magickal? How to attain and keep the concentration necessary to set intent. What techniques work best? Colors, stitches, fabrics….which are good for which purpose? What books are helpful? This is *not* a class in basic embroidery, but we will learn a simple stitch and practice setting of intent, sufficient to consecrate an item. Class cost is $4 for the handout and a small kit of materials. Please bring sharp-pointed scissors or snips if you have them. (Anja *does* teach classes in embroidery. Ask for details)

6:00 PM Raffle, Closing Ritual and Baby Shower – Rose of the Sea

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7-9pm, no limit – Plant and Fungus Totems – Lupa – Many people are familiar with animal totems, but what about their plant and fungus counterparts? Join Lupa as she explains how to work with the totems of flora and fungi, how they’re different from animal totems, how to respectfully work with physical fungi and plants in magic and more!

Lupa couldn’t make it during the event, so you’re all welcome to join us at Ancient Light for this special workshop!

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