OCPPG 2014 Raffle Fundraiser

OCPPG Logo 2014 thumbWe do this Fundraiser every year. There are always some odd items and some fun stuff along with more serious things. (If you have things to donate, get hold of Anja right away!)

Tickets are $1, and you fill them out at the event. Buy 1, buy 10, buy 100 if you want and your hand doesn’t fall off when filling them out. 🙂 This helps us pay for the event!


100414 bracelet1st item: A Rose Quartz, Quartz and Pearl Bracelet with a magnetic clasp. Won by Geurin.

100414 earrings2nd Item: A pair of Ruby and Pearl Earrings won by Anja

100414 bookmark3rd Item: A Dragon Bookmark with a ruby. Won by Steve.

101014Candy4th Item: A $10 value box of candy from Chocolate Frog.

Won by Sue Ploeger




101014Incense5th Item: An Incense Basket from Ancient Light ($25 value) won by Debbie

101014Ear16th Item: Earring Pair ($45 value)

Won by Lizard Frank





101014Neck7th Item: Necklace ($109) Won by Ancient Light

101014Web8th Item: 1 year of Website Hosting through Rose Panofsky won  by Debbie

9th Item: Custom Designed Word Press website with possibility of e-commerce option through Rose Panofsky. Won by Debbie

101014Tup10th Item: Black and Orange Tupperware Bowl. Won by Sue

logo ocppg2014_cinch_sack_cinch_sack*11th item: A Cinch Sack with the OCPPG 2014 Logo ($20 value) Won by Debbie

logo ocppg2014_mug12th Item: A Coffee Mug with the OCPPG 2014 Logo. ($14 Value) Won by Ancient Light

13th Item: A Notebook with the OCPPG 2014 Logo. ($1ocppg2014_journal2.50 Value) Won by Sue

Bowl from Sue Ploeger (pic coming) won by Ancient Light

Page Created and Published 10/1/14 (C)M. Bartlett
Last Update 10/12/14

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