OCPPG 2014 Places to Eat

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I’ve eaten at a lot of these places, but not all. Still, I’m not making recommendations, ‘coz of weird paranoid legal guck…

Hot & Cold Beverages will be available at the Community Center (Saturday only), and and bottled water and some cans of pop and juice at Ancient Light. Please chuck something into the donation can to defray costs! There is a specialty coffee place less than a block south of the shop and another at the south edge of the city. (find on the map at the shop)

Ancient Light has a microwave and tiny fridge. Some food prep will happen at Anja’s, too, if we have an extra body to tend things.

…and of course we’re having a Potluck on Saturday. This will be at the community center and will open at 2pm. Please bring a dish with at least 10 servings. If you’re coming from out of town, or hate to cook, bring things that don’t need refrigeration such as desserts, cheeses, breads, soda pop or even juices or salads (non-mayo) that can be kept in coolers. If you need suggestions on things to bring, please contact Anja at ancientlight@peak.org . Things can be stored at Anja’s, if they are brought there or to the shop.

China Restaurant – across the street – 130 N Arrow St. Waldport, OR 97394 (menu on bulletin board) This is the site for the Friday evening get-together (see below)

Vicki’s Big Wheel – 1 block north (old-style “fast food”)

Subway – across the street from Vicki’s (check your local papers for coupons!)

Grand Central Pizza – two blocks south – 245 SW Hwy 101 (541) 563-3232

Fresco – 310 SW Hwy 101 (541) 563-7811 – Just beyond Grand Central on the other side of the street

Ray’s Groceries – has a hot and cold deli and a sitting spot there, as well as doughnuts, pastries and coffee

Carol’s Cafe – 440 W Commercial st (541) 563-4545 (across from Ray’s Grocery)

Salty Dawg Bar & Grill – 360 E Port St, Waldport OR 97394, 541-563-2555  (port docks area)

Azul Mexican Restaurant – 1165 N Mill st (541) 563-3773 (port docks area)

Lazy Dayz Cafe – 563 6030 – 1240 Mill st (port docks area)

Crestview Golf Club LLC, 1680 SW Crestline Dr, Waldport OR 97394, 541-563-3020, 888-538-4463

Jamie’s Dockside Diner (Facebook page) 7164 E Alsea Hwy / Located at Mile Marker 7 (541) 528-3880


Ray’s (within a mile east on 34) has hot & cold delis as well as full line of groceries.

Bayshore Mart is across the Bridge (2 miles north) on Highway 101 at Bayshore Drive.

There’s a liquor store (alcohol/beer/wine/pop) in the same building as Grand Central Pizza.

Lakeside Market,  cheap convenience store. 2448 E Alsea Hwy (541) 563-2566

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Friday evening China Restaurant Special – We’ve talked Ray into doing this for us again with the idea that we’re not going to overwhem him the way we did last year. Pick up your supper ticket on Friday at Ancient Light. They’re $7.50. We’ll be going over in groups of 12, which is how many the tables at the front accommodate.

I’ll be posting a menu here once I double check with him. Anything *not* on our special menu is extra. Please be sure you leave a tip!

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