OCPPG Suggestions for Workshops, Activities, Classes

OCPPG Logo 2014 thumbThis is a rather strange page. It has several lists of things that have been brainstormed. As we get closer to the event, it will also have a list of things that folks are planning along with the activity leader/teacher. Please add your own suggestions or requests!

BTW, since there are so many problems associated with comments and spam and such, I approve/delete every comment that lands on this blog. Comments will be added to the list, so even approved ones will gradually disappear! Proposed list with teachers is first. Suggestion list is after the next divider…..

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track name                            teacher            style            class title
~                                                 Rozaylia                                   chant
Further Study                          Anja                    talk                Legal Handfastings
Paths                                          Rozaylia             talk                Reclaiming
Paths                                          Anja                   talk                 What is Wicca?
Paths                                          Anj/Roz            talk                 What is Feri
Tasks, Crafts & Meditation     Anj/Roz                                    Homely tasks and meditation
Tasks, Crafts & Meditation     Anja                    workshop  Embroidery as meditation
Tasks, Crafts & Meditation     Anja                    workshop    Cookie meditation
Tasks, Crafts & Meditation     Rowan                                      wool carding
Tasks, Crafts & Meditation     Brandon                                   drop spindle
Tasks, Crafts & Meditation     Holly                                        soap
Tasks, Crafts & Meditation     ?? Anja?                                   dip candles
Tasks, Crafts & Meditation     Rowan                                      fleece prep
Tasks, Crafts & Meditation     ?? Hawks??                              felting
Paths                                          Stella                                       Christo-Paganism
Kid-Friendly                             ??                                             Make a Stuffed Pumpkin

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Suggestion list

We’ve a lot of odd hobbies and esoteric knowledge among the folks that this event touches, so don’t hesitate on requests for classes. Put comments in on classes that you can do, as well. Or discussions you could lead… or whatever. We need people to go *find* someone to teach some of these, too, or to do the research…. and don’t give yourself the excuse, “I’m new” to take yourself off the hook! Part of the reason that we’re starting now is that this gives newer people a chance to talk to the “old hands” on how to set up a class or workshop, or to figure out how to do a trip or activity! This list will continue to be revised into March, but don’t wait to add your bit!

This is the current “request list” in order from most to least from the survey that Rose of the Sea does.

Divination, Runes
Healing Arts (Some Possibilities), Herbal Healing
Basic Magick, Spell-casting

Nature Magick, Power Animals
Basic Magick, Amulets
History/Herstory of Witchcraft, The Gypsy Connection
History/Herstory of Witchcraft, Fairies, Picts and Elves
Issues in Modern Wicca, The Festivals
More Advanced Magick, Astral Travel
Other Magickal Systems, Druid magic
Divination, Tarot
Healing Arts (Some Possibilities), Gem Stone Healing
Issues in Modern Wicca, Rites of Passage
Basic Magick, Trancework
Healing Arts (Some Possibilities), Psychic Healing
More Advanced Magick, Chakra Work
More Advanced Magick, Shapeshifting
Other Magickal Systems, Egyptian magic
Psychic Skills, Remote Healing
Basic Magick, Candle Magick
Basic Magick, Magickal Names
Basic Magick, Cord Magick
Basic Magick, Drumming
Divination, Scrying
Healing Arts (Some Possibilities), Affirmations
Mythology, Roman myth
Mythology, Norse Myth
Mythology, Greek myth
Mythology, Celtic Myths
Mythology, Egyptian myth
Nature Magick, Ley Lines
Other Magickal Systems, Kabbalah
Other Magickal Systems, Alchemy
Psychic Skills, Channeling
Psychic Skills, Telepathy
Basic Magick, Chanting
Basic Magick, Theban Script
Basic Magick, Colors
Divination, Palmistry
Healing Arts (Some Possibilities), Visualization
History/Herstory of Witchcraft, Paleolithic Roots of Witchcraft
Issues in Modern Wicca, Witches and the Environment
More Advanced Magick, Invisibility
Mythology, Teutonic myth
Mythology, Gaelic myth
Mythology, Hindu myth
Nature Magick, Weather Magick
Nature Magick, Tree Magick
Other Magickal Systems, Golden Dawn
Other Magickal Systems, Feng Shui

Magickal Embroidery
Making poppets
Ritual foods

Some “trips” that have been requested.
Mushroom ID
Herb ID
Cape Perpetua Lookout
Sea Lion Caves
Botanical Gardens in Yachats
Haunted Lighthouse
Beachcombing trip

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Page created 11/12/13, published 2/18/14
Last Updated 3/4/14

2 Responses to OCPPG Suggestions for Workshops, Activities, Classes

  1. Silas says:

    I will so staffs,wands, and tree magic again. I can also do any of the elemental magics as needed.

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