OCPPG Vendors

Vendors! I kinda hate to call y’all that, but “folks-who-are-displaying-stuff-for-sale” is too long!

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If you want to be a vendor – We have some limited space. Tell me sooner, rather than later. It’s all first-come-first-served

I’m asking each of you to post very close to the event time, and also on your table, when you’re likely to be around and to bring business cards, etc.

I don’t charge folks who set up their displays during OCPPG or our  monthly Psychic Fairs, but I ask ’em to kick me back something if business is good, instead.

I have tables. If the weather is good and you want to set up outside, so’s to have more room, please do, but no one from the staff will be able to watch your stuff, so you’ll have to bring it back inside when you need to go elsewhere.

So, get hold of me….. ancientlight@peak.org

…and you can’t, or miss out, see this page     to talk to Leslie about an ad in the Event Handbook.

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If you have suggestions for folks who might like to vend at the event – Please comment here and give me contact information.

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This space will be for vendor info as we get closer to the event. 

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Page created 11/12/13, published 2/18/14

Last Update 3/4/14

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