OCPPG Staff Notes

OCPPG Logo 2014 thumbWell, this didn’t work as a venue. I’m not sure why. I’m leaving it up, because there may very well be more info landing here closer to the event, but at the current time, we have only 1 meeting left and it is scheduled right on top of the Elders’ Council time….so I guess it’ll be before or after….. 8/24 at 1pm.

One thing that we need is staff people who actually do their jobs and stay in touch! Rozaylia, Marcus and Anja have done almost all of this, this year, with some help from Geurin.

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Staff Meeting December 28th at Ancient Light. – 5 people attending and one lurking.OCPPG Logo 2014 thumb

We agreed to keep the format pretty much the same as in 2013, hoping for the same goals as 2013, that is: Everyone has fun, learns and grows, we end up in the black, and hope for 50-90 people, with about the same mix of workshops, rituals, activities and classes as this past year.

We now have 3 “staff heads” with Anja being in overall charge, Marius doing site info, David doing teacher info and Leslie handling contacts and advertising and we worked out a lot of details. Anja has a lot of writing down of stuff to do for the staff heads and digging out of info. If you advertised or taught during 2013 or 2012, please expect info requests later in January.

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OCPPG Logo 2014 thumbHere’s the report from the first staff meeting on 11/24. (Posted on 11/27)

We really didn’t have very many folks for the staff meeting, but we made some decisions with those who were there. First, is the logo. Yes, we’re running with this one. 2nd decision. We’re aiming for October 10-12 as a date. This is a little later than we’ve tried before, but we survived a full-scale winter storm and power outage this year. We’ll run with it. <grin> If you know of any conflicts please comment immediately if not sooner! Rest of stuff – I specifically asked for help with figuring out how to divide things up so the event will run out of more than one brain. …and for the other brains to run it! Marius and I and probably Tempus and maybe even Robyne are going to be doing some brainstorming over this next weekend.

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Last Update 8/21/14

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