Volunteer Information

OCPPG Logo 2014 thumbThis is the place to find out which jobs need doing. It’s going to update constantly, since all kinds of help is needed between now and the weekend of the event. There are things from tracking down phone numbers to stapling and collating flyers to hanging the bulletin board to shuttle driving on this list. Or you tell us how much time you have, when and where, and we’ll send you suggestions!

At the current time we need:

  • People to put posters/flyers up all over.
  • People to come make up staff, no photo, no smoking and teacher buttons
  • One more afternoon of phone calls to local eateries.

Just Pre-event we will need:

  • People to staple the handbooks
  • People to put the labels on the donation cans
  • Bulletin board set-up/tending
  • Everything from washing down counters to tagging items that are going to other venues.
  • Someone to coordinate signage for the other venues, which may include filling balloons……
  • Someone to set up the raffle stuff and mind the can

During the event we need:

  • Set-up people (at Ancient Light on Thursday/Friday, Moose on Saturday morning)
  • Tear down people (at Ancient Light on Sunday/Monday, Moose on Saturday evening)
  • Registration Desk
  • Shuttle Drivers
  • Potluck coordinator
  • Potluck helpers
  • Dishwashers

Post event we need:

  • Someone to sort out the records from the event
  • Lost and found coordinator

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