Making Lavendar Wands

Making Lavendar Wands – Anja Bartlett ©2005, 2020 M. Bartlett

You need:

  • ¼ inch ribbon
  • Freshly cut lavendar (use the English variety, preferably – longer, tougher stems.)
  • Scissors, knife or other cutting device
  • Patience during the learning process! You will get much faster as you get familiar with the process and work out how this goes.


Let dry for at least a week more if they will be shut up in a drawer, otherwise use and enjoy!


  • Be careful to keep your ribbon flat and untwisted. This makes the best container for the blossoms as they dry.
  • Use English Lavendar! The stems are longer than perfume (French) lavendar and more flexible than the other types. Cut it and keep it in water.
  • Use ¼” ribbon. Narrower can be pretty, but it takes forever. Wider will be harder to make flat and tidy and if there are larger gaps, bits will fall through the weaving.
  • The scent will last for quite a while; years even, in a quiet spot, but it can be refreshed with lavendar essential oil. About 3 drops will do it.

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Anja Bartlett ©2005, 2020 M. Bartlett

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