Daily Stuff 9-26-13 Fall of Jerusalem

Hi, folks!

weather sun faceOh, I hope the weather service is wrong about the weekend’s weather! Now they’re talking about a nasty-sounding storm to hit on Saturday! Well, we can hope that they’re wrong. The forecasts for this weekend have been going back and forth from awesome to abysmal for weeks, now. Right now, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and it’s only 44F! We’re definitely into fall with *that* kind of temperature!

a-felix2Yesterday started a little nutzoid, with people calling and e-mailing and Facebooking about the event. I even got a comment from the blog! It settled out by noon, though Tempus still wasn’t home. He had curled up in the car with a pillow and blanket after his paper route, waiting for Freddies to open and didn’t wake until 8:30! I have enough details to work out that it’s really frying me at times, but most of the essentials are done.

motif bird vireoHe got our shopping done for the weekend. We’ve got the rest of the stuff to finish making our potluck contributions! (pulled pork for sandwiches, with a couple of kinds of sauce and two stuffed baked pumpkins). What are you making?

motif bird farm roosterSince the grocery across the street closed down, we picked up some cans of soda and bottles of juice for folks to grab from the ice chests at the shop. Please put the requested donation in the can so we don’t have to take it out of event funds!

jack1a3The stuffed pumpkins are also a kid activity, for late Saturday morning. Speaking of which, Leslie’s list for the weekend is: friendship bracelet making, paints and fabric makers to use on cloth bags, make a candle holder out of jars, clay project, color pages, cross stitching stuff for those that can do it, and we have shop stuff like bead stringing, perler beads and cut and paste crafts, and she’s working on a lesson on Halloween traditions and stories. Kids under 12 cannot be unaccompanied, and all of them need to carry a waiver form.

Motif bird peacock featherTempus and I had some awesome cinnamon rolls and sausage for brunch and then settled in to re-setting my study so that the boxes of papers that are all over the place can get stacked. That took the *whole* afternoon! We found some of our wedding mementos, though. Can’t complain about that! But who stashed a bong (that I don’t use) in that box? We’re finding the strangest things!

motif bird hummingbird broadbilledAfter that he headed outside to make the space to put the tent trailer in. We have far to many “extras” over the weekend and far too much grumple to house everyone, but we’re gonna try. …and with that weather forecast, the tent trailer might be a *really* bad idea…. so we’re re-thinking, yet again!

motif bird Cardinal redDuring the evening I finally managed to make some sense out of my classes. I’m still missing some references, but I’m going to try to track those down today. I *always* get rattled about them, at nearly the last minute.

We didn’t eat supper until way late, fell into bed and we’re groggy this morning.

motif bird tern smToday we have to get the shop set up. We’re supposed to have some help. I’ll be at the shop, finishing what I can there, and Tempus and the help are going to set up the tent trailer (maybe), then go over to Laura’s Studio, if she needs them or to In Dreams, then come back to the shop to help me and get some of the boxes out of the classroom. I hope it all works…..

The shop is open until 10pm tonight because of registration. If you’re in town, get your sign-ups done!

300px-Arch_of_Titus_MenorahToday is the anniversary of the day in 70CE when Jerusalem fell to Roman forces during the “Great Revolt”. The inhabitants were starving and had been for months, while the besieging armies crucified those who were tyring to escape, sometimes 500 in a day where the folks inside the city could see them. The walls were razed and the city burned to the ground. Some information can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Jewish%E2%80%93Roman_War#Fall_of_Jerusalem

plant flower Dogviolet6Today’s Plant is the Early Blue Violet, Viola adunca – Violet leaves contain more vitamin A than spinach, and a half-cup of leaves has more vitamin C than four oranges, but rhizomes, fruits and seeds are poisonous. Other common names include the hooked-spur violet, Cascade violet, sand violet and the western dog violet. Found on Wiki here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viola_adunca or here: http://blogs.evergreen.edu/sustainableprisons/blog/2012/01/12/spp-plant-profile-early-blue-violet-viola-adunca/  Feminine, Venus, Water – Protects against malevolent spirits, brings changes in luck & fortune, wear to help with headaches, dizziness and to bring calm and sleep, wear in a green sachet to heal wounds.

wheel of the yearThe shop opens at 11am! Summer hours are 11am-7pm Thursday through Monday. If we’re supposed to be closed, but it looks like we’re there, try the door. If it’s open, the shop’s open! In case of bad weather, check here at the blog for updates, on our Facebook as Ancient Light or call the shop at 541-563-7154.

Love & Light, 


Today’s Astro & Calendar

Waning Quarter moonThe Moon is at the Waning Quarter at 8:55pm. Waning Moon Magick – From the Full Moon to the New is a time for study, meditation, and magic designed to banish harmful energies and habits, for ridding oneself of addictions, illness or negativity. Remember: what goes up must come down. Phase ends at the New Moon on 10/4 at 5:35pm. Waning Gibbous Moon – Best time for draining the energy behind illness, habits or addictions. Magicks of this sort, started now, should be ended before the phase change to the New Moon. , Associated God/dess: Hera/Hero, Cybele, Zeus the Conqueror, Mars/Martius, Anansi, Prometheus. Phase ends at the Quarter on 9/26 at 8:55pm. Waning Crescent MoonBest time for beginning introspective magicks that are more long term (full year cycle) A good time for beginning knot magicks to “bind up” addictions and illness (finish just before the Tide Change of Dark to New) and “tying up loose ends” God/dess aspects – Demeter weeping for her Daughter, Mabon, Arachne Tyr. Phase ends on 9/30 at 8:35am.

Astro Constellation Orion

Thu., Sept. 26, 11:55 p.m. EDT – Last Quarter Moon – The Last Quarter Moon rises around 11:50 p.m., shining in the feet of Gemini, and sets around 3:00 p.m. It is most easily seen just after sunrise in the southern sky. Jupiter is to its lower left, and Orion is farther to its right.
Astro uranusAstro neptuneUranus (magnitude 5.7, in Pisces) and Neptune (magnitude 7.8, in Aquarius) are well up toward the southeast by 10 p.m. Finder charts for Uranus and Neptune. http://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/highlights/Uranus-and-Neptune-in-2013-190064991.html

Goddess Month of Mala runs from 9/6 – 10/2
Goddess Month of Hathor runs from 10/3 – 11/30
Celtic Tree month of Muin/Vine, Sep 2 – 29 – Muin  – (MUHN, like “foot”) 
Celtic Tree month of Gort/Ivy, Sep 30 – Oct 27 
Rune Runic Month 18 Kenaz Kebo KenRunic half-month of Kenaz/Ken/Kebo – September 13-27 – Ken represents a flaming torch within the royal hall, so it’s the time of the creative fire – the forge where natural materials are transmuted by the force of the human will into a mystical third, an artifact that could not otherwise come into being. The positive aspects of sexuality that are immanent in Freya and Frey come into play at this time. – Nigel Pennick, The Pagan Book of Days, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont, USA, 1992, p. 102 Runic half-month of Gebo/ Gyfu – Sept 28-Oct 12 – Gyfu represents the unity that a gift brings between the donor & recipient. It is a time of unification, both between members of society and between the human and divine. Nigel Pennick, The Pagan Book of Days, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont, USA, 1992, p. 102

Sun in LibraSun in Libra
Moon in GeminiMoon in Gemini enters Cancer at 12:24pm
Uranus, Chiron  and Neptune Retrograde
Color:  Turquoise

Harvest 9/24-26


©2013 M. Bartlett, Some parts separately copyright


blackberry muin celtic tree monthMuin – Vine  Sep 2 – 29 – Muin  – (MUHN, like “foot”), vine – The grape (Vitis vinifera L.) is a vine growing as long as 35 m (115 feet), in open woodlands and along the edges of forests, but most commonly seen today in cultivation, as the source of wine, grape juice, and the grape juice concentrate that is so widely used as a sweetener. European grapes are extensively cultivated in North America, especially in the southwest, and an industry and an agricultural discipline are devoted to their care and the production of wine. Grapes are in the Grape family (Vitaceae).
motif plant fruit Grape muin celtic tree monthMuin – Vine Ogam letter correspondences
Month: August
Color: Variegated
Class: Chieftain
Letter: M
Meaning: Inner development occurring, but take time for relaxation
grove muin celtic tree monthto study this month – Koad – Grove Ogam letter correspondences
Month: None
Color: Many Shades of Green
Class: None
Letter: CH, KH, EA
Meaning: Wisdom gained by seeing past illusions.


WavesTides for Alsea Bay
Day        High       Tide    Height   Sunrise     Moon  Time      % Moon
~           /Low       Time      Feet    Sunset                                  Visible
Th  26      Low  12:01 AM     0.9   7:09 AM     Set  2:17 PM      62
~    26     High   6:35 AM     5.5   7:06 PM    Rise 11:58 PM
~    26      Low  11:56 AM     3.4
~    26     High   5:49 PM     6.5


Affirmation/Thought for the Day – Fear is an ironic thing….Although we are its recipients; we are also its creators…


Newsletter Journal PromptJournal Prompt – What do you think? – How do you think the new child would feel?



~  You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. – Mae West
~  The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural SciencesEugene Wigner (1902-1995) Hungarian-born US physicist
~  All the experience of history confirms that sharing the same beliefs has been a preliminary to quarreling about their interpretation. – Theodore Zeldin
~  I love deadlines.  I love the whooshing sound they make as they go by. – Douglas Adams

Her Work
Oh Blessed Mother
I am but your tool
sometimes i am wise,
sometimes a fool

but still I walk onward
doing your will
thru trails and tribulations
I stand taller still

My faith is so strong
my love it is too
at the end of the tunnel
I see only you

I know that these lessons
serve purpose for trust
and mountains must be climbed
as success is a must

I walk ever forward
your torch in my hand
shining your truth before me
all across this land

I walk e’vr with bravely
with you by my side
naked before you
with nothing to hide

you know my true heart
and all that I think
you always will guide me
I will never sink

my faith in my goddess
is a powerful bond
it is never ending
it will go on and go on

she will be with me
both future and past
walking beside
thru time ever last.

So Mote it Be! and so it is so! – Ruby Red Pepper  3/10/2006 


Pentacle of ElementsMagick – How To Dispose of Ritual Tools By Patti Wigington, About.com

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you may decide that you have a ritual tool you no longer need. Perhaps you’ve got three athame too many, or someone has gifted you with a new chalice and you’re tired of the old one, or maybe something just doesn’t speak to you the way it used to. Whatever the reason, it can sometimes be a bit of a dilemma as to how to dispose of your ritual tools.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Varied

Dispose of Ritual Tools Fire Bonfire RitualFire is just one of the methods you can use to dispose of ritual items. Image © Getty Images

Here’s How:

Pass It On – If you’ve got a particular tool that still has a good feeling to it, or that has some sort of sentimental value, and you’ve decided it’s time to get rid of it, why not pass it along to a friend? You’ll be happy to know your item has gone to a good home, and your friend will be happy to receive a new magical tool. Before you pass it along, you may want to hold a short parting ritual to separate yourself from the object. Once your friend has the item in her possession, she can re-consecrate the tool to make it her own.

Into the Wild – Some items seem to like being released into the wild, like animals. If you have a magical tool that came from nature — a wand made from a branch, a special stone, a bottle of sea water — then put it back into nature. While you may not be able to return it to the place you originally found it, you can always find a quiet place in the woods to leave it. Another option might be to toss it into a creek or river, as long as it is indeed a natural object.

Release by Fire – Sometimes, you might have an item you don’t want any more, and you don’t want to give it to anyone else. You might not want to leave it out in the wild where someone can dig it up, either. In this case, the best thing to do is use fire to get rid of it. Burning a magical item doesn’t have to be complicated – build a fire and place the item in it. If you wish, say a few words to separate yourself magically from the object, and then allow it to burn.

Burial – Another good method of getting rid of old ritual tools is burial. Typically, you’ll want to select a place that isn’t going to be disturbed later on — if you have property of your own, you can bury the item in your yard. If you don’t have your own land, or you’re going to be moving soon, you may want to find a remote spot somewhere that you can bury the object. Use good judgment before digging on any public property.


motif Silliness SmilieSilliness – This dog, is dog, a dog, good dog, way dog, to dog, keep dog, an dog, idiot dog, busy dog, for dog, 20 dog, seconds dog! … Now read without the word dog.

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